Version 1.52 released

VERSION 1.52 (2016-06-28)
– Added new CLI options
– Updated vulnerability database
– Improved geolocation module
– Bug fixes

Retrieving geolocation data is now based not only on available WiFi networks but also on data from all installed wireless devices.

Command line interface was also updated. There are now 2 new options.

-out "file path" - report file path
-i - ignore selected vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other information

Available ignore option strings:
admin - don't check for administrator rights
scr - don't take screenshot
cam - don't take webcam photo

There will be more ignore options in future releases.

Example usages:

Perform all scans and save the report to “c:\users\user\desktop\my_report.html”.
lastauditc.exe -sall -out "c:\users\user\desktop\my_report.html"

Scan vulnerabilities and misconfigurations without screenshot, ignoring admin user warning.
lastauditc.exe -sv -i scr,admin


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