Version 1.51 – faster scanning, more CLI options

VERSION 1.51 (2016-06-20)
– Added new CLI options
– Updated vulnerability database
– Faster file scanning module

File scanning module was optimized and is now several times faster.

By using command line version you can now limit reported threat levels of detected vulnerabilities, misconfigurations or sensitive files.
Use -l option followed by comma-separated list of threat levels.

There are 4 threat levels:
Level 1 (red) – Critical vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and sensitive information. You should immediately fix or protect these.
Level 2 (orange)- Important vulnerabilities and sensitive information.
Level 3 (blue) – Valuable information that may be exploited for further attacks.
Level 4 (green) – Information of potential value for attackers.

Following example forces lastauditc.exe to perform all scans but reports only level 1 and level 2 threats:

lastauditc -sall -l 1,2


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