v1.5 + command line interface

VERSION 1.5 (2016-06-10)
– Added command line interface
– Updated file searching module
– Updated vulnerability database

This release adds command-line usability features.

Usage: lastauditc [scan type(s)] [options]
Scan types:
-sall - all scans
-sv - vulnerabilities, misconfigurations
-sf <disks letters> - filesystem
-sad - Active Directory
-slan <network strings> - LAN
-v - verbose

Usage examples:

Scan vulnerbilities and misconfigurations only
lastauditc -sv

Scand C and Y disks in verbose mode
lastaucitc -sf C,Y -v

Scan selected LANs (subnets that contain “192.168” octets) and Active Directory
lastaudit -sad -slan 192.168

Download command line version

Download GUI version


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