lastAudit – Local Area Security Audit Tool

Portable Windows security and vulnerability scanner, IT audit and forensic tool.

For pentesters – shows security configuration errors and sensitive information stored on host.
For forensic investigators – reveals sensitive information.
For home users – reveals what information can be accessed, stolen and used by malware authors.

- Free
- Portable executable
- Detects and lists:
     - wrong security configuration,
     - vulnerabilities,
     - weak permissions,
     - saved passwords,
     - browser history and cookies,
     - Outlook address book entries
- Reveals sensitive information from: 
     - documents, 
     - source files, 
     - credential files, 
     - email files
- Performs WiFI audit
     - host localization, 
     - hotspot history,
     - lists open hotspots
- Performs LAN port scanning
- Lists network resources, shares and files
- Lists Active Directory OUs, users, servers, shares and services
- Generates HTML reports

Full list of features